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We specialize in building high quality residential fencing in Clayton and the surrounding area. We have years of experience designing all types of fences including privacy fences, security fencing, and pool fencing. We work with vinyl, wooden, aluminum, and chainlink fencing in Clayton, Rollingwood, Powhatan, Archer Lodge, Wilsons Mills, Westview, Smithfield, Selma, Heflin, and all of Johnston County.

Whether you want a backyard privacy fence, pool fencing, chainlink fence or a classic white picket fence for your curb appeal, we are here to help you keep your property, children, and pets safe. If you are struggling to decide between wood, vinyl, chainlink, metal or aluminum fences, or even a custom fence, we can help you learn which type is best for your home. We want your neighbors to be envious of your yard and new fencing!

It doesn’t matter if your budget is small or big, we will work hard to provide you with a new fence that leaves you happy for years to come. We work with different types of fence materials and styles to meet your plan for your yard. As an experienced fence company in Clayton, we have learned how to be efficient and we get the project done quickly, safely, and right the first time. We use the best techniques and materials to complete every fencing project.

Is a custom fence on your wish list? We also design and build custom fencing if you have a pool or deck to tie into your fence, or if you just want a fence that matches the decor of your home! Our fence builders have extensive residential fence expertise to design and install a custom fence for your old or new home that will have you grinning every day. Our designers have the capabilities to help you make your home’s yard a retreat that you can enjoy with family and friends for a long time.

Be sure to hire a local fencing company that can handle your job. Our teams have the experience necessary and can provide a variety of options for you. From start to finish, you can count on us to pay attention to details and install an attractive fence for your home. We will answer your questions throughout the process.

Our teams are dedicated to providing high quality services. Our customers are our top priority and we work hard to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our services. We are gentle with your property as we make it the yard of your dreams.

It is our mission to always deliver high quality and professional residential fence installation services in Clayton and all of Johnston County. We also service the following cities: Rollingwood, Powhatan, Archer Lodge, Wilsons Mills, Westview, Smithfield, Selma, Heflin, Pine Level, Bagley. If you are ready to ask questions or discuss your fencing options get in touch with us today.

Residential Fence Installation in Clayton NC

Privacy Fences in Clayton NC

Are you considering getting a backyard privacy fence? Backyard privacy fences are a great way to personalize your space. A backyard privacy fence can change the personality and usability of your yard. People passing by won’t be able to see what you’re doing as you use your yard. Your children and pets will be protected and safe, and with improved security it will be harder to trespass onto your property.

Privacy fences are typically about six feet tall, and are usually made of vinyl or pressure-treated wood. Wooden fences are less expensive than vinyl fencing, but maintenance costs will be more expensive over time.

Many HOAs have specific requirements that specify what type and color of fence you can install, so be sure to check your HOA rules. Once you know what type of fencing you can have, be sure you submit your fence plan to your HOA as needed. If you want your own fence estimate or have questions reach out today.


Types of Fencing

Not everyone wants a privacy fence! As residential fencing experts in Clayton we build other styles of fencing for your home. We also install pool fences and hot tub enclosures. If you are thinking about fencing in your front yard, we offer a variety of choices for you. Maybe you want some simple chain link fencing or a classic white picket fence to keep your pets contained. We can build a custom fence based upon your imagination and needs.

When you are ready for a new fence for your home, you need to understand the advantages of the different materials such as wooden, vinyl, chainlink and metal and the price differences. The total cost of your project will depend on multiple variables including the difficulty of installation, material choice and accessories, height and length of fence installed. It is easier for us to install fencing on level sandy lots than on swampy or rocky land, so our total job price can definitely vary. We are happy to help you decide what type of fence and material will work best for your budget and requirements.

Residential fences are our main focus. With so many homes being built close together, homeowners are looking for ways to create safe and private spaces, and we would love to help you get what you want.


Fencing Companies in Clayton NC

Vinyl Fences in Clayton

Vinyl (also called PVC) fencing is an excellent choice for any yard due to its attractiveness and durability. Vinyl fences come in various colors and styles, including lattice top and scalloped designs. The range of options makes it easy to find a perfect vinyl fence for any desired yard design.

Vinyl fences are more weather-resistant and durable than wood fences. They also require little care, which means you save time and money taking care of your fence. If you want a cost effective and long lasting option for your new fence for your home definitely consider getting vinyl. For more information about your options contact us today for your personal quote.

Wood Fencing in Clayton

A wooden fence could be a logical choice for many yards. It ranks high due to its natural look and durability. There are several material choices available, including pressure treated, cedar and pine. Each type of wood has its own characteristics, including color, texture, and life span.

As far as styles go, there are several that you might like. The most popular types include picket, shadow box (also known as board-on-board), and horizontal fences. Picket fences are classic and the preferred choice for many. Board-on board fencing offers better privacy with an almost solid barrier created by the overlapping fence boards. Horizontal fences are a more modern option that offer a cleaner look.

Wood fencing is less costly compared to other material options such as vinyl or metal. However, wood fences require more maintenance than some other types of materials. Regular maintenance such as staining, sealing, and repairing is required to keep the fence looking its best and to prevent bugs and rotting. To learn more about your wood fence options contact us today for your personal quote.

Privacy Fences in Clayton NC

Aluminum Fences in Clayton

If you want a new fence in Clayton, NC an aluminum fence might be a great choice. They are very good looking and offer the perfect combination of curb appeal and security. There are different styles and colors to pick from, and you can easily find an aluminum fence option that meets your needs.

Aluminum fences require little maintenance and are durable. Aluminum is rust-resistant, making it an ideal option for regions that are close to the ocean, experience high humidity or extreme weather. To keep your fence looking great an occasional cleaning with soap and water is all that’s needed. Aluminum fencing will last for many years without falling apart or needing replacement.

For backyard use, some HOAs require black aluminum fences so be sure to check. Aluminum pool fences are a very popular choice for homeowners who want to add a great looking secure fence to their outdoor pool areas.

Aluminum fences can be a cost effective option for homeowners. Speaking of cost aluminum fencing is generally more than other types of materials but the benefits can justify the higher cost. Contact us today for more information about your options and get your personal quote for fencing.

Chain Link Fencing in Clayton

If you’re looking for a low maintenance and durable fence to secure your property, consider a chainlink fence. It is relatively inexpensive to install and maintain compared to other fencing materials, such as metal, wooden or vinyl.

Chain link fencing is available in different sizes and styles, making it easy for you to find what you need. It can be customized to fit the shape and dimensions of your land and it can have gates included for added convenience. It can also be coated with vinyl or other materials to improve its looks.

One primary benefit of chain link fencing is its durability. Also called hurricane fence, it is resistant to rust and corrosion, which makes it a great option for properties located in areas with extreme weather. Chainlink fences require only occasional cleaning and repairs.

If you want to keep children and pets in the yard while keeping an open and airy feel, definitely consider chain link fencing. Contact us today for your personal chain link fence estimate in Clayton NC or anywhere in Johnston County.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a typical fence cost?

There is no one answer to this question, and any new fence project cost will depend on some different things. These include the type of fence and labor considerations. Our labor charge will go up if we are working on tough terrain or need to use specialized equipment. You can figure an average between 15 to 80 dollars per linear foot installed. It is always best to get a fencing estimate from a professional fence company. We are always happy to provide you with a quote.

How long does a fence last?

How long a fence lasts will vary depending on the fencing material and how you maintain your fence. For example, wooden fences can last up to 20 years if regularly maintained, while aluminum fences can last more than 30 years due to their weather resistant qualities. Even though some types of fencing require less care, performing regular inspections and repairs is recommended to keep your fence safe.

What’s the best material for my new fence?

This depends on your preferences and needs. Teak, redwood and cedar are all fairly durable but do require maintenance. PVC and vinyl are fairly low maintenance options with a variety of styles with a mid range price point. Aluminum is durable, low maintenance, and looks really good, but costs more than other types. Chainlink fences are durable and low-maintenance but offer less privacy. Your neighborhood HOA might specify what you must install. When deciding consider looks, functionality, maintenance required and life span, and of course cost.

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